Speaking (2020-2021)

Fall 2020

September 25: University of California Berkeley, International Consortium for Critical Theory Programs

October 22: Columbia University, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

October 23: Harvard University, Anthropology, graduate class

November 11: SUNY Buffalo Law School, graduate class

November 19: Williams College, Anthropology, undergraduate class

November 23 & 25: Binghamton University, Anthropology, graduate class

December 3: Tufts University, Anthropology & Environmental Studies


March 4: University of Texas at Austin, Israel Studies

March 12: Virginia Tech, Science, Technology, and Society

March 24: New York University, Geography & Development Studies undergraduate class

March 30: University of Virginia, MESALC and Global Studies undergraduate class

April 6: Yale University, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies seminar

May 6: University of California, Santa Barbara, History & Center for Middle East Studies

Sept 16 (2021): Durham University, Center for Culture and Ecology