Extra-Terrestrial Ethnographies of the Future-Present / ΙΧΝΗΛΑΤΕΣ ΣΤΟΝ ΠΛΑΝΗΤΗ ΚΩΡΟΝΑ

Scene from “Haumea.”

In Fall 2020, I participated in a collaborative project called “Extra-Terrestrial Ethnographies of the Future-Present.” I was a co-creator in the project team called “Haumea,” which produced a section of the zine that was published out of the project, as well as a short film (1:14min).

From the Zine, December 2020.

The workshop reflected on COVID from the perspective of the alien future. It asked: How might we turn collaborative writing and online data expeditions into zines? How might zines become vehicles for documenting the present?

The project was the result of a collaboration between the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative project awardee the Athens Zine Bibliotheque, the University of Thessaly’s Greek Future Archive of Socialities Under Quarantine research project, and Anthrobombing platform.

Producer: Penelope Papailias, University of Thessaly & Greek Future Archive Concept: George Mantzios, University of Toronto Workshop facilitation: Penelope Papailias, University of Thessaly & Greek Future Archive; George Mantzios, University of Toronto; Alexandra Siotou, University of Thessaly & Anthrobombing; Panayiota Theofilatou & Tassos Papaioannou, The Athens Zine Bibliotheque ─ Special thanks to Dimitris Antoniou, Associate Director of the Stavros Niarchos Public Humanities Initiative at Columbia University, for believing in this experimental workshop and helping to organize it, and to Ioanna Messini-Skordas, Program Coordinator of the Program in Hellenic Studies at Columbia University for her administrative support.

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