Articles, Essays and Reviews

2022. “Scratch-and-sniff Palestine: How Olfaction Shapes Nonsovereign Infrastructural Spaces.” Environment and Planning D: Society & Space 0(0): 1-18.

2022. “Film and the Toxic Politics of Waste: A Roundtable,” with Hanna Baumann, Adriana Massidda, Bassem Saad, and Elizabeth Saleh. e-Flux, Issue #127.

2021. “Excrement, Scale, and the Politics of Neglect: How Life Politics became Progressive Critique.Confluences Méditerranée 2 (17): 89-100.

2021. “Enduring Waste: Subjects and Objects of Siege.HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 11(1): 360-365. Response to Book Symposium on Waste Siege: The Life of Infrastructure in Palestine.

2021. “Off the Grid: Prepaid Power and the Political Economy of Waste in Palestine.” In: Tartir A., Dana T., Seidel T. (eds) Political Economy of Palestine. Middle East Today. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

2021. “Climate Change and Commensuration in Palestine.” Jadaliyya, April 26.

2021. “Airbnb and/as Supply: Failed Listings, Scraped Data, and Refugee Relocation.” Thresholds 49: 158-163.

2020. “Essential Readings: Land, Water, and Environment in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories.” Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative, Jadaliyya, Dec 20.

2020. “How I Learned to Start Thinking Like an Engineer: Lessons from Palestine.” Jadaliyya, Nov 16.

2020. “Occupied ‘Home-Sharing’: Airbnb in Palestine.” Jerusalem Quarterly 83.

2020. “Failure to Build: Insurgent Sewage and Infrastructural Time in Palestine.” Environment and Planning E 0(0): 1-15.

2018. “An Uncertain Climate in Risky Times: How Occupation became like the Rain in Post-Oslo Palestine,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 50(3).

2015. “Toxic Ecologies of Occupation,” co-authored with Brian Boyd (Columbia University) and Hamed Salem (Birzeit University), EnviroSociety.

2014. “Occupational Hazards,” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 34 (3): 476-496.

2011. “In Colonial Shoes: Notes on the Material Afterlife in Post-Oslo Palestine” Jerusalem Quarterly, 48: 54-77. Republished on Jadaliyya.

2008. “The Hamas Effect: A Summary” in Anthropology News, Middle East Section 49(8): 54

2008. “The Joys and Dangers of Solidarity in Palestine: Prosthetic Engagement in an Age of Reparations,” The New Centennial Review: The Palestine Issue 8(2): 111-160.

2007. “Youth,” Co-Authored, with Professor Dawn Chatty (University of Oxford), In The Living Conditions of the Palestine Refugees Registered with UNRWA in Jordan, Lebanon, The Syrian Arab Republic, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank: A Synthesis Report, 2007.

2005. “Palestine Online: An Emerging Virtual Homeland?” Refugee Studies Center Working Papers 28, University of Oxford, 1-60.

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