Courses Taught

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

State Phobia: Theories and Ethnographies of Statehood Today

Ecologies of the Modern State: Bureaucracies, Infrastructures, Environments

Gig Life: Anthropology of the “Sharing Economy”

In the Garden of Empire: Nature and Power in the Modern Middle East

Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East

The Anthropology of Palestine

Doing Ethnography: Waste

Anthropology of the Modern Middle East

Contemporary Cultural Theory

Toxicity and Contamination

Toxic Modernities: Anthropology in and of the Nuclear Age

Politics of Infrastructure

First Year Seminar

Dabkeh: Palestinian “Stomp” (dance)


Dal’ona (choreography by al-Funoun Popular Dance Troupe)

Funouniyat (choreography by al-Funoun Popular Dance Troupe)

Zareef (choreography by Columbia Palestinian Dabkeh Brigade)

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